Who Are the Flip Flop People?

Last updated Jul 2017

Hello travelers,

We are very glad you made it to FlipFlopPeople.com and we hope that, if you are not in Sofia already you are coming very soon.

We are a family of two plus her majesty Baudolino, the Cat. As of November 2015, there has been a new human addition to our family -  a lovely baby boy named Lassie.

We have been living in Sofia for the last 6 years and we love it!

We love the hectic streets, the spacious parks, the markets, the restaurants and the old buildings.

On our free days we take short drives outside Sofia that take us to amazing places.

In the summer you can find us on Mt Vitosha, though our hiking enthusiasm has whined down a bit after the baby was born.

Why a guide about Sofia? Sofia is a great city, a city that’s getting better and better every day. It is somewhat misunderstood, somewhat overlooked but has a great story to tell.

Sofia is walk-able. Sofia is affordable. Sofia  has great restaurants and coffee shops. Sofia has cultural life and creative energy that’s missing even in much bigger cities. 

We made this site in our free time (we do have other jobs) to share our love for Sofia, plus information that we thought might be useful to visitors.

Hopefully, we’ve made the city a bit more manageable for those of you visiting for a couple of days and for those of you moving to Sofia.

FlipFlopPeople.com it is not commercial. We do not get paid to feature businesses, tour agencies or restaurants. Any bias there might be is driven only by our personal preferences for wholesome fresh food, urban spaces that are not sterile, cities where you can walk at night and … you get the idea!

FlipFlopPeople’s Sofia Travel Guide now has over 200 articles on Sofia and Bulgaria that are being updated regularly.

We hope you enjoy it!

Visit the FlipFlopPeople blog (coming soon) to read more about our trips or like FlipFlopPeople of Twitter or Facebook to see interesting pictures from around town, news about restaurant openings, festivals and much more.

And remember, it is a group effort. If you find information that is outdated or innacurate, please let us know so we can fix it for the traveler after you.


Last updated Jul 2017
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