Walking in Sofia

Last updated May 2017

Traveling within central Sofia on foot can save a lot of time and the hassle of squeezing into crowded busses or haggling with taxi drivers. 

Sofia is relatively small in are for its population of 1.3 million and most of the landmarks are clustered within a walking distance in Sofia’s central area. So are most of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs. 

Walking distances between some of the major landmarks in Sofia:

Several of Sofia’s main streets are closed off for traffic and turned into pedestrian areas:

  • Vitosha Blvd   
  • Graf Ignatiev Blvd

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Sofia’s leafy parks and gardens are also great places for a walk:

  • Borissova garden
  • South Park

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Popular landmarks not within walking distance from Central Sofia:




If you would prefer to explore Sofia at your own pace, check out our day trip itineraries.

See our interactive map of central Sofia’s Landmarks and make up your own day tour.

If you are in the mood for an organized walking tour, try the Free Sofia Tour starting daily at 11 am and 6 pm infront of the Court house building  . No reservations are necessary and it is completely free of charge, just show up and don’t forget to tip your guide!

Alternatively, arrange a private guided tour of Sofia with your hotel front desk or a travel agency.


Despite recent efforts to improve the city’s walking environment, walking in Sofia still takes some getting used to. 

Pavement Dangers

Parking on sidewalks is still a favorite past time for many local drivers.

Poorly-paved streets with open holes, missing manhole covers and icy pavements are part of life in Sofia. 

And while locals have mastered the art of looking down, while talking on the phone, holding a child and 3 grocery bags, many tourists fare worse and trip /or slip and fall. So watch your step. 

Walking in Winter

Icy and slippery pavements in winter are also a safety concern. Even locals report at least one major fall per season. Have a warm pair of non-slip shoes. 

Traffic and Crossing the Street

Drivers in Sofia began stopping at pedestrian crossings only recently and still somewhat sporadically. Be very careful when crossing the street, especially at night. Drunk driving in Bulgaria is still a lot more common that it is in most of Europe.


Last updated May 2017
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