• 1.

    Take it easy

    Spend a summer afternoon in front of the National Theater, a major chess battlefield, an impromptu art scene and a popular hang-out at night. 
  • 2.

    Explore Sofia's open air markets

    Wander around the Ladies market, where colorful piles of fruits and vegetables are on display. Experience a slightly sketchier site of the city.
  • 3.

    Visit Sofia’s many religious sites

    Visit the big and beautiful golden-domed Alexander Nevski cathedral and the ancient St. Sofia Basilica, which gave its name to the city. Don’t forget to drop by the mosque and the synagogue.
  • 4.

    Sample Sofia's Nightlife

    From charming neighborhood bars to large chalga clubs, Sofia has its ways to keep you up until dawn.
  • 5.

    Look around for remains of communist architecture

    Visit one of the large apartment block complexes, with names like Mladost (Youth) and Druzba (Friendship). The Communist party's ex-headquarters and the monument of the Soviet army are also hard to miss.
  • 6.

    Go treasure hunting

    Meet the ancient Thracians and their golden treasures in the National Archeology and National History museums.
  • 7.

    Fall in love with Shopska Salad

    Eat a Shopska salad… then eat it again. The quality of the Bulgarian tomato is a source of national pride so make sure to express your admiration!
  • 8.

    Support local artists

    Visit one of the many small art galleries in the city.
  • 9.

    Walk down Vitosha Boulevard

    Explore Sofia's pedestrian Vitosha Blvd, sit down for a cup of espresso and some people watching in one of the many open air cafes. 
  • 10.

    Climb Up Vitosha Mountain

    A 35 min lift ride followed by a pleasant hour-long hike will take you to Cherni Vrah, Mt Vitosha's highest peak at 2290 m above sea level.