• 1.

    kofte and kebapche

    The local versions of the Turkish kofte are an absolute must on every menu. They are typically cooked on a grill, though at home are often also fried. Make sure the meat is well cooked especially in the summer.
  • 2.

    Shopska Salad

    The local version of the tomato and cucumber salad so typical for the region is a real treat! Gently sprinkled with shredded white cheese, this summer classic is beloved by locals who eat it with rakia, a strong-flavored local brandy.
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    Made in almost every home liutenitsa is a fried mix of tomatoes and peppers canned for the winter. Spread it on bread to taste the number one snack in the country. 
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    The queen of street food, is also made at home for breakfast and takes part in an interesting New Year’s day luck ritual. Varieties with cheese, cheese and spinach, and less frequently milk cream, pumpkin or meat filling exist.   
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    The classic summer soup is made of cold yogurt and finely chopped cucumbers. The original recipe also calls for walnuts, dill and a significant amount of garlic.  
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    The meat-and-rise-filled cabbage rolls are a true local classic. Try out the stuffed grape leaves as well.
  • 7.

    Sirene po Shopski

    Bulgarian white cheese is baked in an oven in a small clay pot to create yet another local classic.
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    Pieces of meat and vegetables come on a metal stick in the Bulgarian twist on this Middle Eastern dish. 
  • 9.


    This clay pot cooked caserol has vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions.
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    The dried sausage is still made in many Bulgarian homes and hung to dry on balkonies and verandas. Now, of course, most of it comes from the commercial food producers.
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    Stuffed Peppers

    Peppers filled with cheese and fried (chushka burek) can be found on every restaurant menu. At home peppers are often stuffed with rise and minced meat and cooked in a pot at low temperature.
  • 12.

    Bob Chorba (Bean Soup)

    Once a major part of Bulgarian diet, the classic bean soup is still a must.