Women Travelers

Last updated Jan 2015

Some useful tips and advice for women traveling to Sofia.


Women traveling alone are as safe in Sofia as in any other city in the region.

Being stared at is perhaps the most annoying thing you will have to put up with; Bulgarians, especially outside of big cities, have the habit of staring at strangers. The stares are directed at both male and female tourists, and are mostly signs of genuine curiosity rather than bad intentions.

Compared to most places, you will receive less unwanted attention by local men (in Bulgaria, women play the more active role). Just in case, dress in sports clothes and politely fence off unwanted conversations.


It is unusual for a woman to go to a bar unaccompanied (in all honesty, this is true for men as well), so if you venture out on your own, prepare to be stared at but mostly left alone.

Nightclubs, especially chalga clubs, are best avoided by women traveling alone, as their presence there is likely to be misinterpreted.


Bulgarians are not binge drinkers and public drunkenness is frowned upon. This is especially true for women. It is highly recommended for women, especially if traveling alone, to drink moderately.


Feminine hygiene products are sold in supermarkets, drug stores, and pharmacies. 


Last updated Jan 2015
resized/street art sofia bulgaria  600x200
resized/street art sofia bulgaria 600x200
street art sofia bulgaria
street art sofia bulgaria