Sofia University

Last updated Jan 2015


15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd


Getting there: Metro 
SU Kliment Ohriski station
(Sofia University)

Ever since its foundation in 1888, the Sofia University has remained the premier institution of higher learning in the country. 

Named after the beloved St Cyril and Methodius, but commonly referred to as Sofia University, the school has over 20 000 students, enrolled in 16 departments.  

The university's original building building, that the locals call Rektorata hosts the social sciences and humanities departments.

The central building of Sofia University is linked to a financial soap opera of a large inheritance, family feuds and epic legal battles yet unsurpassed in Bulgarian history.

The story goes like this:

The rich Bulgarian-born banker, Evlogi Georgiev, died in Bucharest in 1897. 

In his will, the banker overlooked his heirs and left a large chunk of his fortune to Bulgaria's first university, newly-founded and homeless at the time. The shocked heirs contested the will in court.

To make matters even more complicated, the Bulgarian Government sued the executor of the will, accusing him of forgery. According to the government officials, the money had been promised to the Bulgarian state. 

It took decades for the dust to settle and Sofia University received its gorgeous building in some 30 years later in 1934. 

Statues of the banker and his brother— a life-long business partner—still sit on both sites of the main entrance. A boulevard nearby also bears their names.

Their donation of 6 million leva (1897 money) remains unsurpassed in Bulgarian history.

The building’s inner courtyard is worth a look as are the surrounding neighborhood and the small park behind called Doctors' garden.


Last updated Jan 2015
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