Quick Eats in Sofia, Bulgaria

Last updated Jul 2015

If traveling on a tight budget, tight schedule or just prefer to eat little and often, Sofia has a lot to offer.

Start with the local street food. 

Banitsa, the white cheese filled local favorite is priced at about 1 lv and is easy to find around town in the morning hours. So are other local pastries.

Gevrek comes sweet or salted, baked or boiled or covered with sesame seeds.

In the afternoon try a sandwich. Panini, burger or just a toast joints are all around town. We love the sandwiches at Bistro Pesto on 18 Angel Kanchev St.

Bistro Pesto on Angel Kanchev St serves one of the best panini in Sofia.


Finish with sweets from 100 grama sladki (100 grams of sweets) on Angel Kanchev St or choose from the 30+ flavors at Afreddo’s Italian gelato on Vitosha Blvd.

In the mood for a homemade soup? Several joints offer a daily selection of soups made from scratch. Our favorite is Soupastar on Shishman St.

In the evening go for cheese and wine at Ciccone, a deli that serves sandwiches, wine, salads and Italian cheeses. Two locations on Gurko St and on Angel Kanchev St.


If you venture out of the city center, especially around busy markets you will be in grill territory. 

Kofte and its elongated sibling the kebabche wrapped in a bun are popular street food. After a severe case of food poisoning though, we feel obliged to caution against eating kebapche and kofte from street vendors during the hot summer months.


"Kebabche" sandwich, a local favorite


We couldn’t learn to appreciate the street pizza offered all over town, so until the perfect slice comes along, stay away from pizza. 

No quik eats guide is complete without Mimas, the 24/7 doner place where Sofia gathers for a quick bite in the wee hours of the night. The doner meat is wrapped in flatbreat and covered with yogurt garlic sause. 


Last updated Jul 2015
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resized/banitsa sofia bulgaria 600x200
banitsa sofia bulgaria
banitsa sofia bulgaria