Sofia Public Transport

Last updated Aug 2015
Trams in Sofia

Sofia has one of the longest tram networks in Europe with 155 km of tracks and 15 lines.

Public transit in Sofia is a quick, convenient and cheap way to travel around the city. 


Sofia's buses, trams and troleys run on a regular schedule and will take you almost anywhere. Some of the vehicles might even take you back in time.

Indeed, many of the trams clattering down the streets of Sofia are over 50 years old and though very popular with photographers, make for somewhat uncomfortable ride. Luckily most of the buses and troleys are considerably newer.

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be bought from the driver (with exact cash) or from a ticket machine on-board (only in trams and trolleys and with coins only).
It is best to embark prepared. Most of the major stops have a small ticket kiosk.  You can enter from any door, punch your ticket in the metal machine mounted to the wall and keep it until you get off.

The fine for riding without a ticket is 20 lv (10 euro).


Most public transport becomes scarce after 10 pm and stops between 11 pm and 5.30 am. There are no night buses in Sofia.

Ticket Prices

  • Ticket /bilet/: 1 lv
  • 10 rides one passenger /talon za deset patuvania/: 8 lv
    Must be used in sequence and one at a time!
  • Daily pass /ednodnevna karta/: 4 lv

Here is a list of locations where you can buy tickets, daily passes and electronic metro cards.  

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Sofia metro operates 2 lines that intersect at Serdica Metro Station.

A Metro Line 1 extention connecting Sofia Airport with the city centre is scheduled for 2015.

Metro station "Serdica" is where lines 1 and 2 intersect.

Buying Tickets

The metro operates with separate tickets that are not valid for the other modes of public transportation. 

Tickets are only sold at the metro stations at cash-only ticket machines or at a manned ticket booth (again cash-only)!

The tickets are only valid up to 30 min after purchase.


The Metro runs from  6 am to 11.30 pm at intevals of 5 to 15 minutes.

Ticket Prices 

  • Ticket /bilet/: 1 lv
  • Metro Pass: 8 lv for every 10 rides + 4 lv one-time, nonrefundable fee.

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Last updated Aug 2015
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