Post Offices in Sofia and Mailing a Package from Bulgaria

Last updated Jan 2015
Postal Codes for Sofia

Central Sofia: 1000


Postal codes in Sofia run from 1000 to 1799.

Need to send your hiking booths back home before heading to the beach? Just bought a bulky local craft item and don't feel like dragging through the country with you? 

Here is some information on how to send letters and parcels from Bulgaria.



The Bulgarian state-owned postal company operates an office in all Bulgarian towns and in most villages.

Post offices are open Monday – Friday; the offices in bigger towns and cities are also open on Saturday morning.

Services offered include mailing of packages and parcels, phone calls, and domestic and international money wires via MoneyGram.


  • Central Post Office
    6 (General) Gurko St
    Sofia 1000
    Mon-Sat: 7 am -7 pm

    Sun: 8 am -13 pm
  • 25 Lyuben Karavelov St
    (Graf Ignatiev St entrance) 
    Sofia 1142

    Mon-Fri:  7 am -7 pm
    Sat: 7 am- 1 pm


Within Bulgaria

Bulgarian Post offers the cheapest, though not the fastest, way to mail a parcel domestically. The packages are mailed and received at the post office only. The size of the parcel must not exceed 60 cm in length, width, or depth. 
Prices: 5 lv for up to 10 kg.

Various courier companies offer domestic door-to-door services. Call or visit the nearest office for more info.

  • InTime
    Tel +359 700 18877
    In Time is the 
    authorized subcontractor of United Parcel Services (UPS) for Bulgaria. Go to their webpage or call them to order a courier pick-up. 

  • ‚ÄčEcont
    Tel +359 700 17 300; +359 885 65 43 21 
    Door-to-door pick up and delivery services.

  • Bulpost
    Tel +359 700 19 666
    The courier service division of the state-operated Bulgarian Post. Next-day delivery for parcels up to 20 kg.

    Price: 10-25 lv.

Outside Bulgaria

  • Bulgarian Post offers the cheapest, though not the fastest, way to mail a parcel internationally. The packages are mailed and received at post offices only. 
    Parcels must not exceed 31.5 kg and 1.5 m in length, width, or depth. 
    Delivery can take up to several weeks.

  • InTime ( tel. +359 700 18877) ships internationally via the UPS international network. Affordable ground services.
  • DHL  (tel. +359 700 17 700) is a great option for express and overseas shipments, but their services come at a premium. English speaking operators.


Parcels sent to or received from outside the EU zone are subject to customs inspection. 

When mailing a parcel outside the EU, you will be asked to fill out a customs form and the contents of the package will be inspected.

Receiving a parcel from outside the EU is a cumbersome procedure and requires a visit to the customs office and at least an hour, plus paying hefty customs duties.


Last updated Jan 2015
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mail boxes sofia bulgaria