Polytechnical Museum Sofia

Last updated Feb 2015


Address: 66 Opalchenska St.(Next to the intersection with Slivnitza Blvd.)


Opening hours: 9am-5pm


Closed on Sat and Sun


Getting there: Metro line 1 to Opalchenska  Station or Trolley  1 and 5 or tram 22


Admission: 5 lv. / 2 lv. for students


Web Address: polytechnicmuseum.org


This is a great place to spend 30 minutes looking at old machinery and equipment, if this is your thing! 

The bikes and cars to clocks, X-rays, old TV sets, and even mobile phones from not that long ago that are on display look like they were taken from a movie set.

A completely restored 1928 Ford A Model is the museum’s centerpiece, but the Messerschmitt 3-wheel car is also worth a look. It was manufactured in the 1950’s by the German aircraft company, which turned to making cars after the loss of World War II. A true representative of the bubble car trend in post-war Europe, it has an airplane yoke, instead of a steering wheel. 

The museum’s large collection of clocks includes several pieces that belonged to the Bulgarian Royal Family. 

Look at the modest Bulgarian attempts at participating in the USSR space industry and some more mundane items, like a 1920’s Miele washing machine and tools for the extraction of rose oil.

The museum is not in the immediate city center and can be reached after a 20 minute walk from St Nedelya Square, or a 5 minute walk from the Opalchenska Metro station on Metro Line 1. 

It is closed on weekends.


Last updated Feb 2015
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