Bulgarian Parliament

Last updated Jan 2015


Address: Narodno Sabranie Square


Getting there: Metro Line 1  SU Kliment Ohriski station (Sofia University)

The modest house of the Bulgarian Parliament was the first government building in post-independence Sofia. Built in 1884, it hosts the 240 members of the parliament to this day.

The inconspicuous white building stands across from the monument of Russia’s King Alexander II, revered in Bulgaria as the emperor who pushed the Ottomans out of the country. 

The yellow-bricked square in front houses the Radisson hotel and several large nightclubs and restaurants. 

The square is also a favorite spot for impromptu demonstrations against all sorts of societal ills, from gas fracking to the increase of gas prices. During the summer of 2013, the square hosted an anti-government rally, which lasted for over 100 days.

There are quite a few things of interest around.

The Alexander Nevski Cathedral and St Sofia Basilica are immediately behind and Sofia University and the Gallery of Foreign Arts are less than a minute away.

The small but popular Shishman St, home to shops, cafes and galleries, starts next to the Radisson. 


Last updated Jan 2015
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resized/parliament sofia bulgaria 600x200
parliament sofia bulgaria
parliament sofia bulgaria