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Last updated Jun 2014
Mobile Operators






All mobile operators offer prepaid phone services. Visit any of the mobile company’s stores, present a photo ID and fill out a registration form, as Bulgarian law requires all prepaid cards to be registered.

Micro and nano SIM cards are readily available.

Purchase a voucher to recharge all prepaid cards.



Prepaid mobile Internet can be activated with any prepaid card for an additional charge. If you only need Internet access (for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop via SIM card modem), no registration form will be needed.



There are three mobile operators with comparable quality and pricing, and numerous stores around the country.  

Mtel ( sells prepaid cards called Prima. They can be charged with amounts of 6 to 100 lv. Mobile Internet comes for an additional price of 15 lv for 400 MB. USB modems are also available for an extra charge.

Globul ( offers prepaid phone cards called b-connect that can be charged with any amount.  A package called b-connect Visitor also offers international calls for 0.19 to 0.39 lv per minute. Prepaid mobile internet GLOBUL GoWeb is available for an extra charge of 10 to 30 lv for 500 to 1000 MB. USB modems for laptops are also available for an extra charge. All Globul services can also be purchased in Germanos stores.

Vivacom ( offers prepaid telephone cards (starting at 6 lv/ 3 euro) and prepaid mobile Internet.


Last updated Jun 2014
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