Internet Access, Internet Cafes and WiFi in Sofia

Last updated Jan 2015

For the lap-top toting and the smartphone obsessed here are a few ways to connect to the internet in Sofia.


WiFi in Sofia is fast, reliable and widely available.

Practically every coffee shop and restaurant offers a free, unlimited and fast Wi-Fi. So do Sofia airport, the Central Train Station, most gas stations, shopping malls, as well as some parks. 

Getting on the internet requires no more than a password, which you can request with a simple “Izvinete, kakva e parolata za internet?”

Expect free internet in your hotel or hostel and feel entitled to make a fuss if it is slow, unstable or if you are asked to pay for it.


If you don’t carry a smartphone, tablet or a laptop with you, get online via an internet terminal, complimentary or pay-as-you go. You can find an internet terminal at the Central Bus Station , the Sofia tourist office  as well as in some of the offices of the local mobile operators.  


Here is a list of some internet cafes in central Sofia:

  • Garibaldi Café  
    Address: Garibaldi Sq, 6 Graf Ignatiev St
    Phone: +359 2 989 42 85

  • WebZon@  
    Address: 40 W. Gladstone St
    Phone: + 359 897 277 533
    Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm


The network of net365 consists of hundreds of hotspots throughout Sofia, covering most of the pedestrian areas and the city’s central part. It is absolutely free (but get ready for some heavy advertising)

To use the net365 hotspots, register and check the map for the closest hotspot to you. 

You can also download a mobile application for iOS or Android for your mobile device. 



Mobile Internet for your smart phone

Unlimited 3G internet is a standard part of mobile operators packages in Bulgaria. 

Travelers with prepaid mobile phone cards can add prepaid mobile internet to their services for as little as 2 lv. and talk and surf without signing up a long-term contract. 

Note that it is required by law to register with the mobile operator anytime you purchase a prepaid mobile voice service.

Mobile Internet for tablets and laptops

3G Mobile internet

All 3 mobile operators offer prepaid 3G Internet for tablets and laptops starting at about 10 lv. 

You will have to pay between 50 and 100 lv extra for the USB modem / wireless router.

4G Mobile Internet

4G (internet service only) is currently only offered by Max Telecom.

You can get prepaid 4G internet and a USB device for 70 lv. The service is valid for 30 days without a long-term contract. 
Expect speeds averaging at about 10 Mbps.

Find them at Slaveykov Square  or the Central Market Hall  in central Sofia, or in all shopping malls and Billa supermarkets.

Currently 4G only works in the bigger cities in Bulgaria.


The name of Bulgaria might not evoke an image of technological advancement, but Bulgarians enjoy one of the fastest broadband internet connections in the world. 
At home, Bulgarians get speeds that peak at over 80 Mbps for the equivalent of 10 euro per month. 

In 2014 the connection in the country averaging 38 Mbps or close to twice the global average. 


Last updated Jan 2015
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