Sofia City Tour in Two hours

Last updated Mar 2015
Tour Facts

Lenght: 2.5 h.
How: Walking
Cost: Free

Ok! You have just a few hours to look around? 

The good news is that it is more than enough. Most of the places worth a look in Sofia are within walking distance.

Here is a brief self-tour spotlighting the most iconic sites in Sofia, looping through Sofia's oldest, biggest and most famous buildings, churches and museums.

St Nedelya Church

Sofia's compact city centre revolves around the area of Serdika Metro Station and St Nedelya Square, where the church is located.

This is a great starting point for your 2 hour trip

The church in front of you was built after the older St Nedelya church was destroyed in 1925 in a gruesome terrorist act that took the life of over 200 people.

St Petka Church

This small medieval church sits at the exit of Serdika Metro Station, Sofia's busiest station.
Several shops around the church offer souvenirs and tourist memorabilia.



Largo is the collective name for the imposing cluster of Communist style buildings behind St Petka Church.

A big, old-time department store (TZUM) is on the left, the building of the Presidency  is on the right with the large former Communist Party Headquarters at the center dominating the scenery. 

St Sofia Monument

Turn around to see the newest addition to the architectural ensemble, the statue of St Sofia


Proceed to the Presidency, one of tourists' favorite spot in Sofia and take a picture of the guards of honor. Be there on the hour to see the ceremony of changing of the guards.


National Archaeology Museum

Across the street is the National Archaeological Museum, hosted in a 16th Century mosque. 


St George Rotunda

Built in the 4th Century BC by Constantine the Great, this small rotunda church is believed to be the oldest building in Sofia. 

National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"

Enjoy the probably most photographed building in Sofia and the lively park in front.

National Art Gallery

Formerly the King's Palace, the building now hosts the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Ethnography.

Russian Church

The small church was built at the turn of the 20th century, to serve the nearby Russian embassy. Services are still held in Russian.

Military Club and Millitary Club Park

The Millitary Club was build at the turn of the 20th century to host all sorts of social events organized by the military. It continues to function as a venue for parties, cocktails and concerts.

The park in front is known to the locals as Park Crystal (after a once-famous but long-gone restaurant) and is now the home of the large balloon-shaped statue of the slain 19th Century Bulgarian politician Stefan Stamolov.

Parliament and Monument of King Alexander II of Russia

The unmemorable building of the Bulgarian parliament stands on Parliament Square (ploshtad narodno sabranie) against the statue of the Russian king who led the liberating Russian armies and pushed the Ottoman Empire out of the Bulgarian lands in 1878.

St Sofia Basilica

The ancient St Sofia Church dates back to the 6th century, though its currenct structure in much newer. Around the 14th century, for reasons that are not completely clear, the names of the church and the city morphed into one: Sofia.

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The highlight of the tour, the large, golden-domed cathedral is the undisputed symbol of Sofia and is remarkably photo-friendly from all angles.

Sofia University

One of the better looking buildings in Sofia is home to the country's biggest and oldest university.

Soviet Army Monument

Walk around this prime example of Soviet monumental propaganda and spend some time looking at the 50+ individual cast-iron human figures of the monumental complex.


From here, you might take the metro back to Serdica station or relax in the lushious greenery of Borisova Garden.


Fuel up: Grab a bite in Victoria Pizza in the Military Club building  or have your lunch surrounded by Greek and Roman statues at the Art Club Museum Restaurant  , hosted in the Archaeological Museum building. 


Last updated Mar 2015
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