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    This thick, sweet beverage with a slightly acidic flavor has proven to be a real challenge to foreigners. To Bulgarians, it is a part of the traditional "banitsa and boza" breakfast and the first bottle many reach out for in the morning after a long trip abroad.
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    Shkembe Chorba

    Rumors that shkembe was to be outlawed following the Bulgaria's accession into the EU, send the country into an uproar in the late 2006. Rumors turned out to be untrue and shkembe (tripe) chorba (soup) is still on the menu.  It comes with lots (and we mean lots) of garlic, vinegar and red pepper, that are to be mixed in. The soup has a well-deserved reputation for curing hangover.  
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    This one is harder to look at than to taste! A whole lamb (or a pig) is roasted to perfection on a spit. 
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    Pork Lard

    Slanina or salted pork lard is a popular homemade winter appetizer, that is almost impossible to find on restaurant menus.
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    Offal (internal organs)

    Many people may shudder at the thought of a heart or brain on a plate. Not Bulgarians!  Baked tongue, fried liver and lamb head are on the menu in traditional restaurants.