Driving in Sofia

Last updated May 2017

Traffic in Sofia is a hectic affair for most.  If you have experience driving in Asia or, to a lesser extent, southern Italy then you might want to give it a try.

Otherwise there is no need for the trouble. Taxis in Sofia are cheap and often it is easier to walk or take the Metro.

Park your car and explore Sofia on foot or learn more about the public transportation in the city.

If you, nevertheless, decide to drive in Sofia, here are some rules, specifics and safety tips:


  • All drivers and passangers must wear seatbelts.
  • Motorcyclists must wear a helmet.
  • Car seats or appropriate restraints are compulsory for children.
  • Talking on the phone while driving is forbidden.



  • Most tram stops are in the middle of the road. All traffic must stop and allow passengers to cross the lane and get on/off the tram. Don't move until the tram closes its doors and leaves the stop.
  • Trams always have the right of way, including when entering a roundabout.



  • Get acquainted with the street parking in Sofia. During working days it is hard to find a parking spot in Sofia central part. Prepare to circle around.
  • Expect to pay 3 lv per hour to park in a garage. 



  • Exercise utmost care and brush up on your defensive driving skills. Anticipate all sorts of behavior from drivers around you.
  • Jaywalking is a mass practice in Sofia. Pedestrians often cross busy streets agains red lights and "do not cross" signals.
  • Call 112 in case of an accident. 

Read more on rules, tolls and driving license requirements for driving in Bulgaria.


Last updated May 2017
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resized/traffic sofia bulgaria 600x200
traffic sofia bulgaria
traffic sofia bulgaria