Bus Stations in Sofia

Last updated Dec 2014
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Bulgarians have a strong preference for bus travel over train travel, and for a good reason—buses tend to be up to 2 times quicker than trains!

Several Sofia bus stations service the numerous buses that crisscross the country and connect Sofia and Bulgaria with most of Europe and cities as far as Baghdad.


  • Central Bus Station 
  • Serdika Bus Station (also called Traffic Market)
  • Bus Station South (also called Ovcha Koupel Bus Station)
  • Bus Station West



Central Bus Station

  • Address: 100 Maria Louisa Blvd 
  • Working Time: non-stop

Say it in Bulgarian: Centralna avtogara 
Read it in Cyrillic: Централна автогара 

Serdica Bus Station

  • Address100 Maria Louisa Blvd 
  • Working Time: 8 am-7pm

Say it in Bulgarian: Avtogara Serdika 
Read it in Cyrillic: Автогара Сердика

The two adjacent stations are Sofia’s principal bus gateway. Both are located next to the Central Railway Station making train-to-bus connections easy.

Central and Serdika bus stations are the base of numerous coach operators, that have divided the domestic and international routes.  

To board most domestic bus head for the Central Bus Station.

For international bus routes, go to Serdika station, also referred to as Traffic Market square. 

The Central Bus Station is hosted in a new building with shops, food stands, newspaper stands, exchange bureau and a 24h waiting area, making it a great place to spend your time waiting, especially at night.
Travel agencies and grocery shops are scattered around Serdika Bus Station. 


Metro: The bus stations can be easily reached by Metro line 2, station Railway Station

Walking: 20 minutes from St Nedelya Square.

Taxi: Taxis are easily available in front of the Central Bus Station. OK Supertrans is the only taxi company allowed to pick up passengers from there. Their cars wait outside. Be cautious as Sofia is famous for “fake taxis” that charge many times the normal fare and often look very similar to the OK Supertrans cars. Always check the price sticker before entering the taxi. A ride to the city center should not cost more than 5 lv.

Read our guide on taxis in Sofia.


Dozens of bus companies operate the different routes and sell tickets independently. Most have a ticket office in both Central Bus Station and the adjacent Serdika Bus station. Signage of departure times and destinations (often in Bulgarian) are posted in front.

Check out our guide to bus travel in Bulgaria.

The station's webpage and the independent bgrazpisanie.com, which also includes information of train schedule, are great sites to check for the buses available to your domestic or international destination.

Both sites will indicate the name of the company that operates the line and you will have to search for their booth or office to buy your ticket.

A 24 h ticket office sells same day tickets for all companies.

Buying a Ticket Online

With the exception of Eurolines/Karat S which operates several routes into Bulgaria, there was no eticketing service at the time of research.

Some (but not all) companies and the Central Bus Station page advertise run websites that advertise online reservations. In reality they accept online reservations and payments but do not issue etickets. You will have to pick up your paper ticket from their office.

Your best bet is to make a trip to the bus station and purchase your tickets at least several hours in advance. In the summer and around major holidays the busses fill up quickly so buy your ticket at least a day earlier.


Many cafes and sandwich shops are scattered in and around the bus stations.

Note that most buses make at least one scheduled stop at a roadside restaurant.

There are no onboard refreshment, so it is a good idea to bring bottled water with you.

Go easy on that water though, a working toilet is more the exception than the rule.


The closes hotel is Ramada with several hundred rooms, a casino and a fabulous spa center, a walking distance from the Bus Station and the Metro.

A lot of low to mid-range hotels and hostels have also sprang up in the area.

This might be a good neighborhood to stay on a budget, but it is not the most glamorous part of town. If you're staying in Sofia for more than a night, then it might be worthwhile finding a hotel in the city center or in one of the nicer neighborhoods to the south.

For more on Sofia neighborhoods vheck out our Neighborhood Guide and Map.




  • Address: 1 Ovcha Koupel Blvd 

  • Working time: 6.30 am - 6 pm

Say it in Bulgarian: Avtogara Zapad/ Avtogara Ovcha Kupel
Read it in Cyrillic: автогара Запад or автогара Овча купел

Getting there 

  • Tram: Take tram 5 from its first stop behind the court building on Vitosha Boulevard and get off 5 stops later at Ovcha Koupel stop.
  • Taxi from the city center: 7-12 lv (depending on the traffic)

Known as West Bus station or Bus Station Ovcha Kupel for the neighborhood where it is located, this vast but quiet station services buses to and from Bansko, Blagoevgrad and one bus to Rila monastery. Most buses are operated by smaller regional bus companies.

Check the webpage of the station for detailed timetables. It is in Bulgarian but you can have it translated to English with the translator extension on your browser.


  • Address: 23 Dragan Tsankov Blvd 

Say it in Bulgarian: Avtogara Jug
Read it in Cyrillic: Автогара Юг

Getting there

  • Metro: Line 1, Juliot Currie Station 
  • Taxi from the city center up to 7-12 lv (depending on the traffic)

This somewhat bizare small bus station nestled under a bridge welcomes buses and shuttle buses from Samokov, Borovets, Maliovitsa, Velingrad, Belchin Bania, Pernik and Devin.

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Last updated Dec 2014
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