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Post Liberation Sofia


The Largo is a name for the imposing cluster of Communist style buildings. The Presidency building is on the right and a big, old-time department store (TZUM) is on the left. The large former home of the Communist party stands in the center, once facing a statue of Lenin that is now replaced with the statue of St. Sofia.


Proceed to the front of the Presidency building for the changing of the guards, which happens every hour on the hour.

National Archaeology Museum

Across the street is the National Archaeological Museum, hosted in 16th Century mosque.

St. George Rotunda

Built in the 4th Century by Constantine the Great, this small rotunda church is believed to be the oldest standing building in Sofia.

National Theatre

This is probably the most photographed building in Sofia, with a lively park in front.

National Gallery of Art

Formerly the King's Palace, the building now hosts the National Art Gallery and the Ethnography museum.

Russian Church

This church was built at the turn of the 20th Century to serve the nearby Russian embassy. Services are still held in Russian.

Military Club

It was used for social events by the military and has seen its fair share of balls and cocktails. It continues to function as a cocktail venue.

Military club park

Known primarily as Park Crystal (after a once famous but long gone restaurant), this little park was the center of the bloodless revolution of 1989. Dissidents and intellectuals gathered here for heated discussions. Now the large balloon-shaped statue of the slain 19th Century Bulgarian politician Stefan Stamolov decorates the park.

Parliament and Monument of King Alexander II of Russia

The unmemorable building of the Bulgarian parliament stands against the statue of the Russian king who led the liberating armies.

St. Sofia church

The ancient St. Sofia Church, which gives its name to the city. Initially built in the 4th Century, its current form dates back to the  6th Century. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times.  

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The large, golden-domed cathedral is one of the symbols of Sofia and is photo-friendly from any angle.

Sofia University

This beautiful building is home to the oldest and biggest Bulgarian university and is one of the better looking buildings in Sofia.

Monument of Soviet Army

Check out this prime example of Communist art and architecture.

Borissova Garden

This large park is a great place for a cold beer or a leisurely stroll in the  summer.


Afternoon suggestions:

Explore the upscale Oborishte neighborhoods with its many restaurants, galleries and coffee shops scattered around. and relax in the small Doctors Garden.


St. Nedelia Church

Start with the St. Nedelia Church on St. Nedelia Square. The older church was destroyed in a terrorist attack in 1925, so the building standing there now is relatively new. A plaque to the right of the entrance commemorates the 200 victims of the 1925 attack.

St. Petka Church

This medieval church is built on the remains of an even earlier Roman sanctuary. Several shops around it offer souvenirs and tourist memorabilia.

Bania Bashi Mosque

This 16th Century mosque is the only functioning mosque in the city.


The building is an example of an architectural style called Bulgaria Secession. It is not currently possible to go in, but the hot water still flows from several water fountains around it.

Central Hali

This is one of the covered markets in the city.


One of the biggest synagogues in Europe is open for visits.

Ladies' Market

and the surrounding neighborhood.

Afternoon suggestions

Stroll down Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia's main pedestrian and shopping street, allowing yourself time to enjoy a coffee and the street musicians in one of the many open air cafes.



Visit the National History Museum and the Boyana church in the neighborhood of Boyana. Visit the National Military History Museum (open Mon-Fri  only).



Consider a day-trip to Rila Monastery, Plovdiv  or Koprivshtitsa, or book a night in a spa hotel around Sofia and indulge in the hot mineral waters for which Bulgaria is famous. 
As a cheaper option, put on your hiking boots and explore Vitosha Mountain.


Last updated Jun 2014
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