Sofia: The Capital of Bulgaria

Quick facts

Population: 1.3 million


Biggest city in Bulgaria


Capital of Bulgaria since 1879


Elevation: 500 m 


Average temperature: 
July: 28 C (high)
January: 4 C (high)

Sofia is easy to enjoy!

Its understated charm, luscious parks and surprisingly eclectic architecture are clustered within walking distance in a well-kept central area. 

Medieval churches are tucked between prime examples of Stalinist architecture. Large modern buildings look down on a 16th Century mosque and Roman ruins.  Old-fashioned trams clatter down the streets and a nice open-air café is never too far away.

Sofia is not a city where crowds of tourists rush from one must-see location to another. Mingle with the locals and enjoy the very affordable Bulgarian food and drink favorites. Spend an afternoon sipping a cocktail and enjoying the view of Mount Vitosha. 


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